Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Journey

A Light comes in

Spreads it's essence around

Wound in years of lessons

Of polishing the true gems

Which lies in the mirror

Of the soul

With miles of stories untold

In the places so far unknown

Abandoned even by ones shadow

Turn and walk away

And yet not fade away

Like the mysteries exist

And the grave persists

And all hope is gone


The Soul lives on.

The Fallen Angel

The Fallen Angel did rise

But she sure had to pay a price

Of the gifts she had within

Were frayed apart bleeding

She sat in the woods thinking

If life was for surviving or living

Often those took her wrong

But no one knew

She was the one forlorn

One by one killed her dreams

And no one heard her silent screams

A smile that never wore out

Was now breaking out to shout

The threshold to her life was forever


And all she did was