Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dark Knocks.

The demons trapped in me
For years I believe
The destroyers of senses
Burning down to ashes
But very well tamed
To the dawn of the blamed
For the beginning to the end
The demons beckons again
The truth of the world
I lie in bed curled
For the years of pain
Wondering what I was to gain
Soon my solitude stolen
I dreamt of them crawling

Locked up in a cage
The very controlled rage
The pretentious stage
The feeling so strange
The life I've deranged
It's time they are chained
Because one may never know
When they come knocking again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trippy sands ashore.

In the dreamy nights
Sitting by the grave tides
I see warriors out of sand
With their swords they take a stand
With every hit the sand blows
Only to see back it flows
With wind the only enemy
Her eyes were plain dreamy
The darkness dilating
Tides were heard rising
With stars in the ocean diving
She listens to the great violins
The sand send shivers up her spine
While she walks they are there to climb
The smell of roses draws her close
The key to the dark chambers now exposed
A hand now crawls on her back
With shivers turning to jitters she falls
A bright light now bursting inside her head
She wonders if this was life after death
She hears noises from above
Her hands now felt cuffed

Years from that day
There were stories shared
Of a maidens lover
who did not the least care
When the big day arrived
Of love she was deprived

A gulp from the atored chalice
A few moments from then
She was assured of the knights malice
In her white dress she left for the sea
And that was the beginning of some hardcore tripping.