Wednesday, September 16, 2009


waiting on for you to come
it's been a long time since we met
but every time we do we become so numb
is this numbness some words?
is this some kind of fear?
something which is wordless...

i just don't know what to do
all i have to do is
wait for you
wait for the next time we meet
feel the numbness again
understand the silent words
and think of the moment it all began

face to face
eye to eye
and wishing the feeling to never die
wondering whether all this is a lie
waiting on for you to come
to feel the feeling so numb
to listen to the silent words...

Navjot K. Gill


  1. u write awsome romantic stuff.. keep goin' .. wud luv to see more of it ..

  2. daz gr8,,,,no 1 can beat u ................

  3. Nice man, keep writing.. u've got a new fan!

  4. gr8.....nice post....ur good at writing passionate stufs...

  5. Wen hrt stands in a q
    Soul is kept waitng
    B damn sure dat
    Some fruiful result is cming.....