Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Damsel

The damsel walks through the boulevard
She listens to the whispers of the wind
She recalls her past and it pierces the pieces of her heart
Her eyes now watering, she silently smiles
As she remembers the times spent wit her beloved
She knows the times will never come again
She's living a life of pure lie and disdain
There lies another story in her
The real self that is always covered
The pain in her eyes can be seen
The beauty that makes others keen

She slowly enters the cemetery
And swiftly passes through the trees
Follows the path which leads her to the grave
She lays by it and tries to be brave
Tries not to shed a tear tries not to break
Tries to be strong
She sure is forlorn...

She loved him then...
She loves him still..
And she knows
she forever will...

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