Sunday, March 23, 2014


She bid farewell to her people
Walking on the wet path
The rain drops kissed her forehead
Telling her not to go ahead
With every step she took
She thought of all the books
Promised her there would be light
There would be love,
There would be peace,
There would be an end to all the grief
For years and years she did wait
Trying to make this a better place
Showering love around
But all the pain did was escalate
She stood at the edge of the cliff
Just another step and all of it would go away
Just a little more and all would be astray
She now sat down
And thought about something she always wanted
She smiled with teary eyes
Oh! The little hut on the hill,
Where she would stay with him
Him leaving was all she dreaded
The cruel world had taken him away
For such a man he did potray
She felt him beside her
As the soft wind kissed her cheek
She promised she wouldn't be weak
Life had taught her
Promises were meant to be broken
To be torn into a million pieces
To be crushed
To be crumbled
She took half a step
And how she wished she'd get to see him again
She took another step
And there he was
She saw him stare
When she fell...

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